Gradient Filled Text Generator

This tool can be helpfull for webmasters, programmers, designers, etc., and for everyone who needs (or must) generate some text gradiently filled from one color to another with XHTML and CSS rules.
Quick how-to:
Click to "Start color" - you will see window with color chooser, to choose color of the first letter.
In the same way choose "End color" - it will be the last letter color.
In textarea field (the field below the color-chooser buttons) type some text, that you want to gradiently change from your start color to your end color.
Click "Generate my gradiently filled text" button. You will see your generated text below and in the bottom field the code in XHTML, which you can paste in your web site or in your blog to display colorized text.

polski Start color: End color:
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit.
Sed condimentum nonummy libero.
Nullam quam risus, volutpat ac, lacinia nec, luctus sed, ante.
Aenean lacus. Ut sollicitudin.
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